Healing Depression The Mind-Body Way

The Mind-Body Way

Healing depression the mind-body wayWhy we need to shine a new light on the darkness of depression?
Depression is a major health problem in the U.S.  It is estimated that over twenty million Americans have been diagnosed with depression.  Two hundred and fifty thousand Americans are hospitalized for depression annually.  It seems that America is covered by a thick blanket of depression.   Tragically, the number of adults, adolescents, and children diagnosed with depression has been growing at rapid rates in the past several years.

Depression is tyrannical in its treatment of victims, or so it would seem.

Consider the facts:

  • Of all Americans who experience a major depressive episode and use conventional methods of treatment, 50 percent will experience some symptoms of lingering depression and 50 percent will have a recurrent episode.

  • Seventy percent of people who experience a second episode are likely to have a third.

  • Approximately half of the people treated with only the conventional treatment methods for depression show no improvement.

Are you wondering why this depressing picture exists and why so many people experience depression and its lingering affects?  We did. Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way is the end result of our research on how to address the epidemic of depression in holistic fashion that is safe and effective, and most of all life changing.

All We Are Saying . . . Give Holism a Chance
Treating depression with only medication is analogous to using aspirin to relieve a fever caused by an infection.  Aspirin merely reduces the fever and makes the patient feel more comfortable.  It does not address the cause of the infection.

Depression is a physical problem that is beyond the reach of pills, it is a mental problem that is beyond the reach of words, and it is a spiritual problem that requires techniques to help us connect with the abstract qualities of life.

Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way shines a new light on the darkness of depression.  It moves past the current Western myth of the “broken brain” (the notion that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain) and unfolds a novel paradigm of depression. It presents recommendations for relieving depression based on Ayurveda, the ultimate form of mind-body medicine.

This mind-body approach offers a new perspective on depression and anxiety. It presents the novel concept that depression can originate in any aspect of our being----our physical, mental, emotional, and social self.  It offers life changing practical solutions which are easy to implement into your life style. 

Who Can Benefit From This Program?
This program works for anyone who is stuck anywhere in the continuum of depression or anyone who simply wishes to enhance their joy of life. We promote a safe and effective program that complements Western approaches by filling in the gaps left vacant by modern medicine. The program is not intended to exclude medication or talk-therapy so it provides a remedy for people who:

  • Want to side-step the tyranny of recurrent bouts of depression.

  • Choose to utilize mainstream medical treatments but want to integrate a holistic approach.

  • Desire to use adjunct natural therapies to support their wellness plan

  • People who want to preserve or recover their positive mental health.

Healthy individuals who want to sustain optimal emotional wellness.

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